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Becoming A World Champion Jump Roper With Seth Ingram (#49)

“Any trick you can land on your feet, just do that and land in a Frog instead.” —Seth Ingram

Seth Ingram is not only a world champion jump roper, but he is in the top tier of talented jumpers. He is among the group of jumpers that are continually redefining what is physically possible with a jump rope. Please do yourself a favor and go check out his instagram page if you haven’t already. He has some wild stuff there! In our chat we discuss Seth’s history with other sports, the mentality of always bettering yourself, tips on learning the Moneymaker, the mindset for performances vs. competitions, the vibe of international jump rope competitions, and a lot more. 

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Show Notes

1:30 When Did You First Start Jumping?
3:41 What Other Sports Have You Done?
4:36 The Early Years Of Jumping
6:24 How Did You Become An Elite Athlete?
9:07 When Did You Start Training Seriously?
16:29 Competition In Other Sports
17:15 Increasing Speed Training
19:04 International Competitions
24:49 Do You Get Nervous To Compete?
27:50 Deciding What Skills To Do At Performances
33:23 How Often Do You Drill Hard Skills?
35:52 Learning The Moneymaker
38:46 Defining Skill Levels
44:09 The Vibe Of Proform Airborne Team Practice
45:48 How Seth Approaches Instagram
49:10 What Was Your Best Performance?
50:36 Favorite Competition Moments
51:52 What Are Your Future Goals With Jump Rope?
52:57 What Does It Take To Be A World Champion?

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