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Finding Confidence Through Jump Rope with Sharina Isabel (#58)

If they can do it, why can’t I?” —Sharina Isabel

I’ve watched Sharina’s progress for a while and have been impressed by her strength as a jumper! This is the first conversation we’ve had, and we really dug into all points of her journey, really focusing on how to build confidence. If confidence has been a journey for you, you’ll really dig Sharina’s insights and perspective. We also chat about jumping solo versus with others, the similarities between architecure and jump rope, feeling nervous when going to a gym for the first time, and a lot more!

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Show Notes

2:00 When Sharina First Picked Up A Jump Rope

2:35 Why Sharina Started Running

4:20 The Initial Motivation To Jump

12:25 Learning Freestyle Skills

14:20 Jumping Solo vs. With Others

15:41 Does Instagram Help To Stay Motivated?

19:39 Studying Architecture At University

21:05 Similarities Between Architecture and Jump Rope

23:50 How Sharina Trains

25:58 Visiting The Philippines

28:38 Other Hobbies

35:13 Did You Feel Nervous Going To The Gym For The First Time?

37:49  How To Build Confidence

45:20 Balance Between Sharing & Showing Off

48:04 Where Does Your Drive Come From?

49:15 How Would Your Younger Self React To You Today?

51:15 What Is Jump Rope To You?

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