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Sonny Smith on Jump Rope Training and Managing Mental Wealth (#01)

If there’s ever a high to chase, it’s the high that I get every time I am finished working out” — Sonny Smith

Sonny Smith (IG: @the_unconventional_ropestress) describes herself as a ‘Jump Rope Enthusiast,’ but she is far more than that.

Not only does she have a variety of unique training tools and methods (the steel mace is my favorite), but she also discusses mental health and her own journey. She focuses on the positive impacts jump rope has on the mind, both from a biological and psychological perspective. She is undoubtedly one of the top leaders and pioneers in the jump rope space.

Sonny was kind enough to share stories from her own life in our conversation, and I was truly impressed by how gracefully she speaks about such serious topics. While anxiety and depression (among other mental health subjects) are often talked about in a very heavy and grave manner, Sonny approaches them with such optimistic passion and matter-of-factness.

If you’re not familiar with mental health topics, I would strongly encourage you to not shy away from listening – you will absolutely gain a new perspective from Sonny (without being emotionally stuffed to the brim).
And for those who have faced, or are currently facing, any form of mental health challenge, Sonny will offer relatable experiences and a few of the small adjustments that made a huge impact for her.

Also we had some solid laughs! Especially about Sonny’s older sisters making her permanent turner for Double Dutch when she was young. Which, if you’ve ever done double dutch, you know being a permanent turner is a huge bummer!

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

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