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Stewart Isaacs Pt. 1 – Speed Training  (#43)

“It takes a lot consistent and hard effort to make the progress you want, but when you do it, it pays out.” —Stewart Isaacs

Stewart is one of the top tier world champion jumpers, with a massive amount of experience in the sport. In addition to jump rope, he’s also pursuing a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT. Needless to say, Stewart brings a lot of great perspective to table. So much so, that we recorded over 3 hours of conversation! I’ll be splitting up our chat into three parts, with this being the first.

In this portion of our chat, we really dig into a lot of speed training detail, discussing how to make speed training more enjoyable, why most younger jumpers actually like speed training despite the difficulty, and some methods to get more out of your training without having significant mental fatigue.

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Show Notes

2:04 Team Tryouts
5:10 Other Sports
8:08 Mindset To Push To The Limit
12:13 Engineering and Jump Rope
13:19 How Stewart Creates Quad Sequences
18:01 Success in Competition
19:36 Speed Training 
34:31 Stewart Crushes His Wrist
39:45 How Stewart Does The Moneymaker
41:40 Hamisi Kondo’s Jumping Style
43:50 Speed Training In Ghana

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