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Tan Nim – Building Grit and Determination with Jump Rope (#38)

The very first time I tried it, I couldn’t get it. I actually threw away my rope. Jump rope is not for me.” — Tan Nim

Tan Nim and I have had the chance to jump before, but this is first time we’ve really had a full conversation. Tan is putting in some serious work as fitness trainer, and we cover a lot of topics including some of his clients that have lost a significant amount of weight, whether or not you need to be coordinated to jump rope, using rest to get farther with your skills, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes

1:00 Welcome

1:15 Who is Tan Nim?

2:00 I’m not coordinated

2:45 How did you get into Martial arts?

3:55 How did jump-rope improve your kickboxing?

4:40 Did your workout routine change?

5:35 How do you win at kickboxing?

6:05 What is more important, strength or agility?

6:40 How did you transition out of the basics of jump-rope?

7:40 At what point did you decide to train people?

8:30 What was your training like, pre-quarantine

9:20 What are your other hobbies?

10:00 Where was your favorite place to jump?

10:50 What did you think about the jump-rope styles?

12:15 What made jump-rope more appealing?

13:15 What makes jump-rope frustrating?

14:30 Did practice make perfect?

15:40 What does jump-rope practice look like now?

17:10 Where do you find resources to learn?

18:00 What are your jump-rope goals?

19:00 What do your workouts look like now?

19:30 What are your fitness goals?

20:00 What do you like about coaching?

21:30 I saw you on Tik-tok!

23:00 How did you train this guy?

24:15 Did it get rough for him at anytime?

25:00 Learning is not linear

26:45 How to keep your mind focused

28:00 Is rest the most important factor in learning?

30:00 How do you track success?

31:40 Has jump-rope taught you anything

33:00 What is the most difficult thing you’ve overcome?

34:40 If your past self saw you now, what would they say to you?

35:45 What is jump-rope to you?

37:45 Nate! When are you making your own brand!?

38:30 Wrapping up


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