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The Mastermind of Jump Rope Lee Reisig (#31)

Anything I can think about creatively, I can do it with a jump rope.” — Lee Reisig

In this episode I talk with jump rope legend Lee Reisig. This was an amazing podcast for me because Lee was one of the first jumpers I looked up to, and I have only increased my respect and admiration over the years for both his technical skills and overall jump rope knowledge. Lee’s been jumping for a total of 28 years—11 years in Montana with Rocky Mountain Ropers, 10 years in Idaho with Summerwind Skippers, then the last 7 years has been with Flight Crew Jump Rope. Flight Crew is a performance jump rope team that Lee founded and currently owns.

Lee’s first introduction to jump rope was a performance by the competitive team Pro-form Airborne. Funny enough, Lee wasn’t very interested in jumping, but this performance inspired his mom to want to start a team. Lee ultimately got hooked on jumping after he saw his first staff show.

Since then, he’s become quite a decorated athlete. He’s an 8-Time FISAC medalist, he holds 9 Grand National Championships, 3 World Jump Rope Titles, he’s a 2-time semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, he ranked 5th place on America’s Best Dance Crew season 5, and has 10 years of professional performance experience including Cirque Dreams, Cirque du Soleil, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Theme Parks and Sea World.

He’s also the inventor of the Jumphabet, which is the main focus of this episode. In short, the Jumphabet is a dictionary, naming system and sequence builder for every jump rope skill that exists. It’s absolutely incredible, and I would highly recommend checking out the show notes below because I have PDF’s linked there of Lee’s original work that you can download.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Selected Links

Lee’s Tricktionary (PDF 1 of 2)

Lee’s Tricktionary Written Guide (PDF 2 of 2)

Saltare on ABDC Season 5

Flight Crew on Americas Got Talent

Dylan Plummer

Stewarts Insane Push Up + Handstand Sequence

Shane Windsor

Mike Fry

Jump! Documentary

Peter Nestler

The Jumpropedia

Seth Ingram

The Rope Show

Sebastian Deeg

Zac Tomlinson

Show Notes

2:29 What are the Tricktionary and Jumphabet?

6:30 How Did You Begin Creating the Jumphabet?

10:32 Front Crosses, Back Crosses and Half Crosses

12:38 Upper-Body Crosses, Lower-Body Crosses and Ground Crosses

18:21 Creating the Giant EB Combo

21:00 Backwards Swings Before Quads

24:15 How Many People Have Done Double Under AS Kamikaze

25:43 Top Tips for Height in the Kamikaze Push Up

27:32 What Have You Seen Change and Evolve Over the Years

31:33 Jump Rope Movies

33:26 Why Was Jumptown Created?

35:52 The Jumpropedia

38:23 The Rope Show

41:30 What Are Your Thoughts of Competition Rules?

46:38 Why Are Swings in Their Own Category?

49:12 What Is Jump Rope to You?

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