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The Mindset of Jump Rope Champion Michelle Fongson (#8)

We had the motto, ‘Practice Like You Compete.’ […] It’s so simple but it’s not.

— Michelle Fongson

Michelle Fongson (IG: @matellispanelli) is a world champion jump roper and one of my early jump rope mentors. Not only does she have extensive jump rope knowledge, but she also has a degree in kinesiology with a very detailed and rigorous understanding of body movement and function. Michelle has used this knowledge in all of her coaching, including working with CrossFit Athletes, a competitive jump rope team, and more. We dive into her coaching philosophy and get very detailed with the methods she’s used to train her athletes for competition. In addition to this, we discuss mindset—specifically the thought process and mental reminders of training to win. There are many, many takeaways in this episode for anybody looking be more competitive and adjust the way they think during training.

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Show Notes

Michelle’s History with Jump Rope (1:43)

How Michelle Became a Jump Rope Coach (3:20)

How Michelle Developed Her Coaching Philosophy (5:13)

Top Coaching Moment for Nate and Michelle (10:08)

Structuring Team Practices (15:08)

The ‘Better’ Mindset of Athletes (19:17)

Speed Training Drills and Benchmarking for Athletes (21:30)

Visualization (29:04)

Michelle’s International Competition Experiences (29:53)

International Jump Rope Events (34:37)

Training Freestyle for International Competition (36:31)

The Thought Process of a Champion (42:56)

How the Champion Mindset Played a Role in Coaching (43:46)

What is Jump Rope to You? (45:51)

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