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The Restorative Qualities of Jump Rope with Fausto Castellanos (#25)

You know, when I pick up the jump rope, I don’t see it as a job. I don’t see it as something that I need discipline to do. When I pick it up, I just feel connected.” 

— Fausto Castellanos

Fausto Castellanos (@soberfaust) has an incredible story to share, and I’m really excited that we had the opportunity to connect on the show. If I was to summarize this whole episode in a brief phrase, I would say that we really dive into the restorative qualities of the jump rope. There are so many elements that we cover, including why jump rope is worth the training effort, who Fausto’s influences are, how jumping can be used as a meditation, why using the correct rope length makes all the difference, and a whole lot more.
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Show Notes

1:35 Where Are You From?

1:53 What Inspired You As a Kid?

4:53 Why Did You Start Jumping?

6:14 What Did Your Workouts Look Like?

9:55 Why Is Jump Rope Worth It for You?

11:06 Have You Ever Been Frustrated with Jumping?

16:32 Has Your Fitness Routine Changed Over the Years?

19:38 Is Jump Rope Meditative?

24:16 Jump Rope and Mental Health

28:31 Has Jump Rope Taught You Anything?

34:17 Who Are Your Influences?

35:25 What Is Your Most Recent Skill?

43:49 When Is Rope Length Important?

51:19 What Would the Old You Say About the New You?

53:52: What Is Jump Rope to You?

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