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Unlocking Jump Rope Creativity with Devin Meek (#12)

I think creativity, like any other skill, is one that can be practiced” — Devin Meek

Devin Meek (IG: @devin_meek_ YT: WeJumpRope) is an accomplished competitive jumper, best known for his phenomenal creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. He truly redefines how to use a jump rope, commonly referred to as the “King of Floaters” by many in the jump rope community. For those that are unfamiliar with Floater skills, we cover them at length in the episode.

We cover a lot of ground in our conversation, including the impact of social networks on the jump rope world, stretching and warming up, how to cultivate and grow creativity, tips for better floaters, the most common reactions competitive jump ropers hear when they discuss their sport, and a whole lot more. Just a heads up that at about 45 minutes in, we get into the weeds about video editing and content creation. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, feel free to fast forward a few minutes or so.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Show Notes

How Devin Started Jumping (2:36)

How Devin Learned His Technical Style (5:36)

12th Street Rag Team Routine (10:59)

Devin’s Current Cirque Cruise Line Work (12:10)

How Devin Approaches Learning New Skills (12:40)

Devin’s Favorite Podcasts (14:17)

Diablo (16:19)

Cross Training, Stretching and Warming Up (18:45)

Training Flipping Skills (21:22)

Jumping Everyday for Several Years (24:55)

Floater Technique Tips (26:05)

The Origin Story of WeJumpRope (28:31)

2019 Competition Season Recap (33:26)

The Future of Jump Rope (36:00)

Common Reactions to Jump Rope (40:14)

Splitting Competitive Jump Rope (41:15)

World Record Speed Training (43:24)

Devin’s Editing Software, Gear and Music (47:15)

Future Fitness Goals (56:10)

Favorite Jump Rope Skill of All Time (58:03)

Most Difficult Lesson Devin Has Learned (1:00:29)

Favorite Place to Jump Rope (1:01:52)

How Devin’s Brain Works (1:02:55)

What is Jump Rope to You? (1:06:06)

Social Networks and Jump Rope (1:10:31)

Selected Links

Kangaroo Kids

Flight Crew

Eddie Yacynych

Lee Reisig

Ian Henry

Adam Jernberg

LJ LaVecchia

Hardcore Parkour Podcast (Team Farang)

Devin’s 53 Floaters IGTV Video


Devin’s Backward to Forward Multiples

Alex Costa



World Jump Rope



Epic TS Floater

Jimmy Reynolds

Karly Kent

Ren Chrisanta

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