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Using Jump Rope and Strength Training to Fuel Your Fitness with Davina Dalgetty (#23)

Because I had no knowledge about macros, I feel like that stalled my journey. And I wonder where I would have been…” — Davina Dalgetty

In this episode I talk with Davina Dalgetty. Davina and I have been friends for a while now, and have jumped a few times at local events in Southern California. We’ve spent hours geeking out on all things jump rope fitness related, and I wanted to bring some of those conversations to you. We touch on a lot of different subjects, including the things Davina wishes she would have known at the beginning of her fitness journey, what she’s learning now that’s new and impactful, building a sense of confidence and pride through jump rope, and a whole lot more.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Overcast.

Selected Links

The Jump Rope Dudes

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Fausto Castellanos

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Lauren Fisher’s Nutritional Guide

The Sweet Potato Book Michael Morelli

Chris Walker

Deana Peña

Show Notes

1:48 Where Are You from?

2:41 When Did You Start jumping?

3:17 How Did Your Fitness Journey Start?

7:52 What Types of Strength Training Do You Do?

8:58 What Do You Wish You Would Have Known at the Beginning of Jumping Rope?

11:36 What Are You Learning Now That’s New and Impactful?

15:56 Was the Mic the First Skill the Clicked?

17:47 How Do You Feel About Long and Short Handles?

22:39 Macros and Their Importance in Fitness

31:55 Food Journals

37:00 Feeling Frustrated with Jump Rope Skills

46:05 What Do You Use Wire Ropes For?

47:47 Why Do You Love Jump Rope?

50:54 Why Does Watching Other Jumpers Make You Excited?

53:05 What’s Your Favorite Skill Right Now?

54:12 If the Old You Could See the New You, What Would They Say?

56:13 Being Introverted and Jumping Rope

1:05:19 What is Jump Rope to You?

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