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Leveraging Jump Rope Obsession for Weight Loss with Zev Blum (#39)

If I was still on the treadmill, I’d be just as big. Jump rope has saved me. It really has.” – Zev Blum

Zev Blum has been jumping for about 2 years and is a very active member of the jump rope community on Instagram. He originally picked up the jump rope to lose weight, and has since lost around 90 pounds. He definitely has put in the work over the years, and we discuss a lot of different topics including weight loss, being obsessed with jump rope, an important distinction about consistency, visualizing success, and a whole lot more.

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Show Notes

1:00 Welcome Zev

1:20 Where in the world is Zev Blum?

2:20 Getting started with Jump-rope

3:40 What exercises did you do for weight loss?

5:20 Did you do anything else besides working out?

7:30 What did your first workouts look like?

8:35 All about ropes

9:50 Why did you get obsessed with jump-rope?

11:00 Visualizing success

13:45 What was the hardest skill for you to learn?

15:30 Did you have a hard skill you suddenly learned?

17:30 How long did it take you to learn that?

18:30 What are your fitness goals now? What has changed?

20:10 What do your jump practices look like now?

21:00 All about Combos

23:30 What’s your favorite move?

25:00 Reversals

26:45 Favorite place to jump?

29:00 Has jump-rope taught you anything?

30:30 What’s the most difficult thing to overcome?

32:00 Improvise, adapt, overcome.

34:30 All about consistency

38:00 What would your past self say upon seeing you today?

41:10 What is jump-rope to you?

44:30 Rocket League vs Jump Rope


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